canadian burn furnaces

be part of the transformation: join our nationwide community

canadian burn furnaces

be part of the transformation:

join our nationwide community

BURN Canada exists to spread the transformational power of Jesus through worship, prayer and supernatural explosive outreach in our nation.

Bringing together believers to encounter Jesus, empowering them to walk out the Great Commission in all areas of their lives, and seeing entire regions transformed.

In a world where unity amongst Jesus' followers is hard to find, and denominations, generations and ethnic groups continue to grow further and further apart, BURN is bringing people together for one common goal, to love and worship Jesus with our whole hearts and to share the love we have for Him with others.

Through these times of unified worship we are seeing lives, cities and regions being transformed. We were created to worship Him and be in Unity.

When Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane (John 17:20-23 TPT) He prayed for all of His believers. He could see all of us and prayed that we would experience perfect unity, so the world would be convinced that God had sent Him.

Unity = Revival

Our mission is to plant and equip sustainable BURN Furnaces, uniting communities in worship, prayer and outreach, to ignite Revival in cities across Canada.



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How We Worship Together

BURNs have regular, unified gatherings of extended prayer and worship in cities and regions. The local "Furnace" coordinates regular times of extended worship and prayer in any type of public gathering place.

The goal is to connect people with their king and with each other in relationship. We believe that as we worship, pray and walk through the doors that God opens, we open a conduit from heaven to earth to bring transformation, healing, hope and power.

We have seen healings, salvations, deliverance and redemption erupt from our place of worship.

Our Approach

We worship together, we eat together, and build relationships together. We gather at churches or more unconventional places like, Barns, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Theatres, and Homes for our times spent in focused worship and prayer (Which we call Breathing in times).

When we take worship outside we are outreach focused with worship and prayer teams working together (Which we call our Breathing out times).

We meet at beaches, parks or streetsides and it is a beautiful way to bring Jesus to people who may never walk into a church building.

Being Part of Our Family

When you partner with us, you are participating in the transformation of lives – whether financially or volunteering your time, your involvement makes a big difference.

It's like adding your own special color to a beautiful painting, making our Kingdom family even brighter.